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  • Tip : 12.75mm Tiger Everest
  • Ferrule : .375″ thin white sighting ferrule
  • Shaft : 29″ air light front-end AVID shaft. Constructed with multi-plies of glass composite bonded to A-grade kiln-dried maple.
  • Pin : 3/8×14 – 21.3mm
  • Collar : Black
  • Forearm : Black with long creme and blue points
  • Wrap : Leather-Tec
  • Butt Sleeve : Black with blue and creme lines
  • Butt Plate : Laser etched Avid logo
  • Bumper : Duo Smart extension ready bumper
  • This cue is weight changeable
  • This cue comes with joint protectors.
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Hailing from eastern France, Florian “Venom” Kohler started pool at the ripe age of 18 when he was gifted a 6 ft pool table as a birthday gift from his parents. That simple gesture started an entire genius from cues to trick shots and everything in between. He’s back at it again with this Cuetec “FK” edition. You can feel like Florian himself is right there with you guiding your every shot as you run racks and clean tables with this one-of-a-kind beast of a cue. You’ll never find another like it and especially one that’s been crafted by such a remarkable person within the industry, it’d be like if Ozzy Osbourne himself handed you a guitar.


Tip: 12.75mm Tiger Everest Laminated Medium
Shaft: 29″ AVID Glass Bonded – Super Straight Taper
Collar: Black  Phenolic
Pin: 3/8×14
Piloted: No
Forearm: Black with Blue and White design and FK initials
Wrap: Leather-Tec
Sleeve: Black with Lavender and White design
Plate: Chrome
Bumper: Duo Extension Ready Bumper