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Joss Cues

Joss pool cues take the business of cue making very seriously. Founded by ACA Hall of Fame cuemaker Dan Janes, Joss cues are one of the most sought after brands in billiards. Always looking for ways to improve the playability and beauty of a pool cue, Janes continues to preserve the traditional look and values of old-time pool cue making while producing cues that play among the best in the world. Each Joss pool cue is marked with a unique serial number on the joint to increase value and distinctive character. A Joss cue is a real family effort which results in a company that cares about its products and customers.

Don’t forget that every Joss Pool Cue qualifies for Free Ground Shipping in the lower 48 United States! Billiards N More is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for over 25 models of Joss pool cues.

Joss Cues

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Joss Cues

  • Joss JOSXS Shaft

  • Joss JOSNXS HP Natural Shaft High Performance

  • Joss JOS211 Limited Series

  • Joss JOS212 Limited Series

  • Joss JOS213 Limited Series

  • Joss JOS214 Limited Series

  • Joss JOS01 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOS201 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOSTHIW Thor Hammer – Ironwood – Break Cue

  • Joss JOSTHPH Thor Hammer – Purple Heart – Break Cue

  • Joss JOS02 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOS61 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOSTHBLK Thor Hammer – Black – Break Cue

  • Joss JOS202 Pool Cue

  • Joss Sneaky Pete JOSSP01 Cue

  • Joss JOS62 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOS04 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOS14 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOS49 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOS52 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOS53 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOS203 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOS69 Pool Cue

  • Joss JOS50 Pool Cue