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Pinball Machines

Outfit your game room or lounge with the speedy flicks, flashing lights, and high scores of your very own pinball machine from Billiards N More. Nothing beats the exciting rush you get watching a tiny ball fly around the playfield at top speed, pinging every light and racking up the points. “Baffle Ball” was the first successful pinball machine in 1931. Since then, we’ve been mesmerized by pulling that plunger with perfect tension. We carry tons of popular pinball design themes like Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Harley Davidson, Shrek, and Star Wars. Create your own private arcade with this classic arcade game.

Pinball Machines

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Pinball Machines

  • Frank Thomas Big Hurt Pinball

  • Laser Ball Pinball

  • Jungle Lord Pinball

  • Police Force Pinball

  • World Poker Tour Gold Edition

  • Popeye Iconic Pinball – Super Clean Upgraded

  • Demolition Man Pinball

  • Judge Dredd Pinball

  • Gilligan’s Island Pinball

  • Stern The Mandalorian Pro Pinball Machine

  • Stern Playboy Pinball

  • Monopoly Pinball

  • Rush Pro Pinball

  • Star Trek Pro Pinball

  • Stern Godzilla Pro Pinball Machine In Stock NOW


  • Dead Pool Pro Pinball In Stock!

  • South Park Pinball

  • Austin Powers Pinball

  • Elvis Pinball Very Nice

  • Cactus Canyon Pinball Special Edition

  • Family Guy Pinball

  • Transformers Limited Edition Upgraded! CLEAN

  • Pirates Of The Caribbean Pinball Home Use ONLY


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