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Viking Pool Cues

You’re surveying the table and gripping a Viking pool cue; you’re feeling pretty confident as you lean into your shooting stance. It’s no wonder: You not only have a shot in mind, but history in your hand. Nice combo.

Viking has been handcrafting pool cues since 1965. It’s the kind of long track record we appreciate here at Billiards N More, especially since that history is matched by quality. Using proprietary manufacturing methods, Viking designs pool cues with structural integrity, straightness and playability. Viking pool cues feature unique ferrules and pro tapered shafts to promote greater cue ball control and shot accuracy. We at Billiards N More also are happy to tell you that every Viking pool cue is manufactured with pride in the U.S. and features a limited lifetime warranty even against warping!

Viking Pool Cues

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Viking Pool Cues

  • Voodoo VODBK02 Mojo Break

  • Viking VIK228 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK226 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK227 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK223 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK230 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK242 Cue

  • Viking VIKC Crush Break Cue

  • Viking VIK281 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK285 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK694 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIKCBJ Crush Break Jump Cue

  • Viking VIKDRAG Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK327 Tyrian Purple Stain Cue

  • Viking VIK326 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK604 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK505 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK502 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK503 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK602 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK350 Pool Cue

  • Viking VIK352 Sneaky Pete Cue

  • Viking VIK553 Raging Fury Cue

  • Viking VIK402 Pool Cue