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Pechauer Cues

Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, J. Pechauer has been building custom pool cues for over 30 years. At Pechauer, the cuemakers hand pick and process all the wood that goes into their cues themselves.

Everything that goes into a J. Pechauer pool cue is among the highest quality available. Exotic woods, inlays, tips and ferrules are all built with top notch materials. The Pechauer process means all parts are threaded, as well as glued, the finish is hand sprayed with 8 coats, sanded between each coat and polished to a high gloss finish Plus, every single Pechauer cue is 100% made in the USA and includes a lifetime warranty against warping and defects.

J. Pechauer pool cues qualify for Free Ground Shipping in the lower 48 United States!

Pechauer Cues

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Pechauer Cues

  • Pechauer JPJMP Jump Cue

  • Pechauer JPXS PS Shaft – Piloted

  • Pechauer JPBRKRS Break Cue

  • Pechauer JPBRKEB Break Cue

  • Pechauer JPBRKNA Break Cue

  • Pechauer JP03R Pool Cue

  • Pechauer JP04R Pool Cue

  • Pechauer JPROH Sneaky Pete Cue

  • Pechauer JP02M M Series

  • Pechauer JP12N Pool Cue

  • Pechauer JP04K Pool Cue

  • Pechauer JP08R Pool Cue

  • Pechauer JP03M M Series

  • Pechauer JP10R Pool Cue

  • Pechauer JP05K Pool Cue

  • Pechauer JP06M M Series

  • Pechauer JP05M M Series

  • Pechauer JP16R Pool Cue

  • Pechauer JP07M M Series

  • Pechauer JPCF4 Rogue 12.4 Carbon Fiber Shaft

  • Pechauer JPCF8 Rogue 11.8 Carbon Fiber Shaft

  • Pechauer JP18R Pool Cue

  • Pechauer JP24R Pool Cue

  • Pechauer Naked JPBKR with Rogue Carbon Shaft