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Katana Cues

Become one with your pool cue by adding a Katana low deflection shaft. Every shaft features 10 piece radial construction, a 12.5mm tip and a shortened 3/8″ ferrule giving you optimal performance at an affordable price. There is only one shaft for the true pool samurai and that shaft is Katana.

In 2013, Katana introduced their first line of billiards pool sticks. All of our Katana cues include a low deflection shaft.

All Katana pool cues & shafts include a one year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

Don’t forget that every Katana Cue and Shaft qualifies for Free Ground Shipping in the lower 48 United States!

Katana Cues

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Katana Cues

  • Katana KATBJXS Break Jump Shaft

  • Katana 1 Performance KATXS1 Shaft Blank

  • Katana 2 Performance KATXS2 Shaft Blank

  • Katana KATBJ02 Break Jump Cue

  • Katana KATBJ01 Break Jump Cue

  • Katana KATBJ03 Break Jump Cue

  • Katana KAT08 Pool Cue

  • Katana KAT10 Pool Cue

  • Katana KAT11 Pool Cue

  • Katana KAT09 Pool Cue

  • Katana KAT01 Pool Cue

  • Katana KAT03 Pool Cue

  • Katana KAT14 Pool Cue

  • Katana KAT15 Pool Cue

  • Katana KAT17- Black w/ Green & White Points

  • Katana KAT16 Pool Cue