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Cuetec Avid Opt-X CT382 Mint Cue – 12.75mm


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  • Ahhhh, What a breath of fresh air this cue is, and rightly so as its colored minty fresh green. Cuetec is back at with a new line of low deflection cues called OPT-X and the name doesn’t do them justice as the precision gained with one of these is paramount in the pool world where inches matter. To top it off the cue comes standard with a Tiger Everest and boy does it fit well; Your opponent is going to feel like they’re climbing Everest to beat you.

    Hell, that might even be easier.


    Tip: 12.75mm Tiger Everest Laminated Medium
    Shaft: 29″ AVID Glass Bonded – Super Straight Taper
    Collar: Black  Phenolic
    Pin: 3/8×14
    Piloted: No
    Forearm: Black with Green and White design
    Wrap: Leather-Tec
    Sleeve: Black with Green and White design
    Plate: Chrome
    Bumper: Duo Extension Ready Bumper
    Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
    Weight Adjustable: Yes,
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