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Poison PONT31 Nitro Cue


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“Bang!” Sorry about the noise, that was just the new Poision Break cue crushing those balls apart. This cue features has a black matte finish with a red racing stripe, 3D textured handle with red accents, the New Venom 2 Pro tapered shaft with DD tecnology, quickchange mini-radial® joints and a Low-friction matte finish.


Poison Pool Cues
Tip: 13mm Phenolic
Ferrule: 5/8″ ferrule
Shaft: 29″ Venom 2  Shaft Pro Taper with DD Technology
Collar: 4in Black Collar
Pin: Uniloc Mini Radial
Forearm: Matte Black with Red Racing Stripe and “VXBRK” Logo
Rings: None
Wrap: 3D Textured Handle with Red Accents
Sleeve: Extended 3D Textured Handle with Red Accents
Plate: Thin white
Bumper: Threaded black and red bumper
Warranty: Limited Manufacturer Warranty
Weight Adjustable: Yes,



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As you wield this burgundy beauty, the competition will tremble with fear at the sight of the sleek matte black points with silver studs. The intricate design on the butt of this cue features black spikes that add just the right amount of edge to this elegant piece. With every shot, you’ll feel like a fierce warrior wielding a weapon of destruction. Don’t just play the game, own it with this burgundy stained maple cue.


Tip: 13mm, Sarin Layered Tip by Tiger
Shaft: 29″ Poison Venom² Shaft
Collar: Stainless Steel
Pin: Uni-loc® Bullet Joint
Piloted: No
Forearm: Burgundy Stained Maple with Matte Black Points
Rings: Silver
Wrap: No Wrap Octagonal Handle
Sleeve: None
Plate: Matte Black with Silver Studs
Bumper: Textured Poison Nitro Bumper
Warranty: Limited
Weight Adjustable: Yes,

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