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Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog LHAH5W Jump Cue 9.5 oz (Discontinued)


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The Air Hog Jump Cue by Lucasi: Insane height and amazing ball control are what make this cue the hottest must have product on the market. Can’t Jump a ball? Take the Air Hog Challenge and you are guaranteed to be able to jump a ball in less that 5 tries. The Air Hog was engineered with the newest jump technology so whether your a pro or a beginner jumping a ball comes with ease. Take a look at the technology put into the Air Hog. S4 super sized sweet spot, 14mm bakelite tips, gives you more surface contact for more pop and better control.

A warp-resistant moisture barrier helps prevent warping and protects the cue from external conditions. Extra light weight (7.9oz for the whole jumper) butt and G5 grip allows for a more stable shot and the X-Shox dampening system reduces vibrations to increase accuracy. It’s amazing that such a little cue has such big performance.

Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we cannot ship Lucasi product to the following countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, China


Lucasi Hybrid Cues
Tip: 14mm Phenolic
Ferrule: 1/2″ Carbon Fiber
Shaft: 29″ Maple Air Hog Jump
Collar: Black
Pin: Uni-loc
Wrap: G5 Grip
Plate: Ergonomically Flared Grip
Bumper: None
Warranty: Lifetime



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