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Lucasi Sleek White Special Edition Pool Cue


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This sleek and simple Titanium White cue features back-end loaded G5 grip, stainless steel butt cap and Quick-Release Uni-Loc® joint. Comes standard with an upgraded Zero Flex Slim™ low deflection shaft with custom taper tailor made for Thorsten.

  • Quick-Release Uni-loc® Joint with Custom Acid Burn Collar

  • Zero Flex Slim Low Deflection Hybrid shaft Upgrade with 10-piece radial TSC construction

  • Kamui Pro Soft Tip for maximum control and consistency

  • Fusion G5 Grip with X-Shox™ Dampening Technology

  • 4-piece Cue Butt Construction for a solid hit and increased durability




Get A Competitive Edge With Lucasi Hybrid® Technology

We know how important your game is to you, and that’s why Lucasi® has engineered our Hybrid cue line with superior performance in mind. We’ve taken the best that a Lucasi® Cue has to offer – and added a supercharged shaft and host of other performance-enhancing features so you can have your best game ever.

These cutting-edge technologies bring you more accuracy, greater ball control, a more solid hit with less vibration, reduced cue ball deflection, a smoother stroke and an increased level of comfort – all in one package.

Lucasi Hybrid® Technology Features

  • Cue Butt Construction – Unique four-piece cue butt construction increases durability and gives you a solid hit for a straighter, more accurate shot every time.

  • G5 Grip Technology – This distinctive traction pattern provides unprecedented stability and ball control. This allows for more stable shot, translating to the ability to apply controlled “English” on the ball.

  • X-Shox Dampening System – The patent-pending shock-absorbing memory foam integrated into the wrap gives a Hybrid cue significantly less impact shock, reducing vibration by more than 27% over a standard cue so even your most powerful shot remains easy on the arm.

  • Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC) – Ten-piece radial construction that extends the sweet spot throughout the entire cue shaft, transferring shot energy into unmatched power and ultimate control – no matter where you hit the ball.

  • Go Slim For An Even Greater Performance Edge – Lucasi’s engineers couldn’t stop at just one shaft – the 11.75mm Zero Flex Slim® shaft takes the technological innovation from the 12.75mm version, and slims it down to an even thinner taper with an even lighter front end. This translates into a true-to-aim shaft; just line your shot up and fire – the cue does the rest. All you have to concentrate on is winning.

  • Kamui Pro Tip – Both Hybrid shafts feature the Kamui Pro soft tip. This tip is made from 10 layers of the highest quality pigskin that has been cut to a uniform thickness and checked for hardness, then laminated together using a special vacuum-sealing process to create a tip with uniform response. You get increased feel and feedback with every stroke, dramatically reduced deflection, maximum ball control and unequaled consistency – no matter where on the tip you hit.

Lucasi Hybrid cues aren’t just technology powerhouses – they’re built to last! Just like our Lucasi Custom cues, Hybrid cues feature a variety of styles – from sleek and simple designs that let the beauty of a gorgeous piece of wood shine through to traditional style cues with intricate inlays and beautiful exotic wraps, to sporty designs and edgy details like metal inlays.

Lucasi Hybrid® Cue Features

  • Precise fitting quick-release Uni-loc® joint for superior shaft alignment and a solid hit

  • Stainless steel joint collars

  • Zero Flexpoint® Technology Shaft

  • Additional technology shaft upgrades available

  • G5 Grip