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Jacoby JCBUSPXS UNILOC Ultra Super Pro Shaft 11.75MM


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Jacoby is stepping up in the LD game! Say hello to the sister shaft: Ultra Super Pro. Constructed the exact same way as the Ultra Pro, the Ultra Super Pro is a skinnier diamater at 11.75mm, instead of the 12.75mm. The only other difference between the two shafts is the taper on the Ultra Super Pro is a an Ultra Super Pro taper so slightly different than the Ultra Pro. When you get quality craftsman ship and a name you can stand behind, you can rest assured that this shaft will perform with the top dogs and worth a try!


Jacoby Cues
Tip: 11.75mm Tiger Everest
Ferrule: Hydex 202
Shaft: 29″ Ultra Super Pro taper w/140 piece veneers
Collar: Black, Black with Silver Ring or Double White Rings
Available Pins: 3/8×10, *5/16x14BC, **5/16x14SR, 5/16×18, Radial, Radial w/double white rings, Uni-Loc® and Uni-Loc® w/ silver ring
Warranty: Limited Lifetime (register within 15 days of purchase)

* The 5/16x14BC is with a Black Collar, piloted and fits a JOSS Cue

** The 5/16x14SR is with a Silver Ring, piloted and fits a Schon Cue

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