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Meucci ME2103 21st Century 2103 Pool Cue


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The brilliant blue, shimmering paua shell points on the Meucci 2103 pool stick seem to jump right off the synthetic ivory forearm and sleeve of this gorgeous instrument. The designs are decorated with delicate white scrimshaw designs. A lacquered white Irish linen wrap and rings of synthetic ivory, aluminum and black complete the butt design.

Meucci’s top priority is creating cues that provide more power with less effort, so each cue incorporates a unique joint and ferrule design as well as the Black Dot Bulls-eye Shaft to allow for powerful, consistently accurate shots with less cue ball deflection. Your game is bound to improve with this soft hitting cue.


Meucci Pool Cues
Tip: 12.75mm Lepro
Ferrule: Polycarbonate Ferrule
Shaft: 29″ Black Dot Hardrock Maple
Collar: Cream
Pin: 5/16×18
Piloted: No
Forearm: Imitation Ebony Encasing Aluminum and Synthetic Ivory Rings with Aluminum Veneer Blocks
Rings: Synthetic Ivory Colored Link Rings
Wrap: White Lacquered Irish Linen
Sleeve: Synthetic Ivory with six recessed brilliant blue Paua Shell recessed points with a white scrimshaw design. Encased by Imitation ebony, aluminum, and black rings with aluminum veneer blocks
Plate: Cream
Bumper: Black rubber
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Weight Adjustable: Yes,



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