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Cuetec Truewood Pool Cue Overview

Design and Aesthetics

The Cuetec Truewood Pool Cue is a masterpiece built with performance and elegance in mind. The cue features:

  • High-Quality Exotic Sycamore Wood: The highly figured Sycamore wood used in the design adds a striking visual appeal to the cue. This wood is incorporated on either side of the black epoxy grip, enhancing its sleek design.
  • Black Epoxy Grip: This contrasts beautifully with the Sycamore wood, offering a modern and stylish look.
  • Silver Truewood Shield Rings with Creme Accent Rings: These rings add a touch of sophistication to the cue’s appearance.

Performance Features

The Cuetec Truewood Pool Cue is not just about looks; it’s engineered for high performance:

  • Cynergy Carbon Fiber Shaft: The 29-inch 15K carbon fiber composite shaft, featuring a 15 ½” S.S.T. Pro Taper, is known for its durability, low deflection, and consistent performance.
  • Tiger Sniper Soft Tip: This tip provides excellent control and grip on the cue ball, enhancing shot accuracy.
  • Stainless Steel Collar and Plate: These components ensure durability and add a professional finish to the cue.
  • Cuetec Duo Extension Ready Black Rubber Bumper: This bumper is designed for compatibility with the Cuetec Duo Extension, allowing players to adjust the cue’s length for different shots.

Customization and Adjustability

  • Weight Adjustable: The cue comes with the Cuetec Weight Bolt system, enabling players to customize the weight according to their preference.

Inverse Version

  • Sycamore at Sleeve and Forearm: For those who love the look of Sycamore, the inverse version, Cuetec 95-110NW Pool Cue, features Sycamore wood at the sleeve and forearm, offering a different aesthetic appeal.


  • Tip: Tiger Sniper Soft Tip
  • Shaft: 29″ 15K carbon fiber composite with 15 ½” S.S.T. Pro Taper (Cynergy Shaft)
  • Collar: Stainless Steel
  • Pin: 3/8×14 (21.30mm Cuetec Joint)
  • Forearm: Black Stained Canadian Maple
  • Rings: Silver Truewood Shield Rings with Creme Accent Rings
  • Wrap: Epoxy Finished Sycamore Wood (No Wrap)
  • Sleeve: Black Stained Canadian Maple
  • Plate: Stainless Steel with Truewood Logo
  • Bumper: Cuetec Duo Extension Ready Black Rubber
  • Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Cuetec Weight Bolt


The Cuetec Truewood Pool Cue combines elegant design with top-tier performance features, making it an excellent choice for both amateur and professional players. The integration of high-quality materials, such as Sycamore wood and carbon fiber, ensures that this cue not only looks stunning but also performs exceptionally well. Whether you prefer the traditional look or the inverse design with Sycamore at the sleeve and forearm, Cuetec offers options to match your style.