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The Cuetec CT112LTW is a premium addition to the Truewood series, celebrated for its stunning aesthetics and high-performance features. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its specifications and highlights:

Cuetec CT112LTW Pool Cue

Material and Design:

  • Forearm and Butt Sleeve: Both are made of highly figured Mappa Burl wood, richly stained and finished with an epoxy coating to enhance durability and appearance.
  • Wrap: Equipped with a Genuine Pebbled Full-Grain Leather Wrap, providing a superior grip.

Performance Features:

  • Tip: Fitted with a Tiger Sniper Soft Tip, known for its excellent control and precision.
  • Ferrule: ¼” White ABS ferrule, designed to enhance cue performance.
  • Shaft: 29″ long, constructed from 15K carbon fiber composite, featuring a 15 ½” S.S.T. Pro Taper for smooth and consistent strokes.
  • Collar: Made of Stainless Steel, offering a sleek look and sturdy connection.
  • Pin: Utilizes a 3/8×14 (21.30mm Cuetec Joint), ensuring a secure and reliable fit.
  • Rings: Decorative Silver Truewood Shield Rings with Creme Accent Rings, adding an elegant touch to the cue’s appearance.

Additional Features:

  • Joint Protectors: Comes with Cuetec Brand Joint protectors to safeguard the joint when not in use.
  • Bumper: Cuetec Duo Extension Ready Black Rubber, allowing for easy attachment of extensions.
  • Weight Adjustability: Yes, can be adjusted with the Cuetec Weight Bolt system to suit individual preferences.

Alternative Option Without Wrap

If you prefer a similar cue but without the wrap, consider the Cuetec 95-112NW Pool Cue. It offers a comparable set of features and aesthetic appeal without the Genuine Pebbled Full-Grain Leather Wrap, catering to players who favor a wrap-less design.

This cue is ideal for those seeking a combination of exquisite craftsmanship and high-level performance. Whether you opt for the CT112LTW or the 95-112NW, both models stand out for their attention to detail and quality.