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Cuetec Cynergy CT140 Propel Jump Cue – Ghost


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Introducing the Cuetec Propel, meticulously crafted with cutting-edge Cynergy carbon composite technology to deliver the ultimate jumping experience. Engineered for optimal control and ease of use, both the shaft and primary jump handle are expertly constructed using lightweight yet durable carbon fiber. This innovative design enhances energy transfer, ensuring precise and efficient jumps like never before.

The Propel’s versatility is highlighted by its weighted extension, facilitating long and accurate jumps effortlessly. For situations demanding precision at close range, the extension can be easily removed. The 13.9mm diameter and the distinctive red Taom tip contribute to the Propel’s exceptional accuracy, virtually eliminating unintended spin and miscues during gameplay.

In the GHOST special edition, the Propel boasts a sleek Slate-Grey paint job, adding a touch of sophistication to its striking design. The specifications of this exceptional cue


The Cuetec Propel was created using Cynergy carbon composite technology to provide the easiest and most controllable jumping experience possible. Both the shaft and main jump handle are constructed using carbon fiber, allowing the Propel to transfer more energy and make accurate jumps easier than ever. The weighted extension makes long, accurate jumps effortless and can be removed for precision jumps at close range. The Propel’s accuracy comes from its 13.9mm diameter and red Taom tip that nearly eliminate unintended spin and miscues. The GHOST special edition Propel has a sleek Slate-Grey paint job that looks incredible!


Tip: 13.9mm White Taom 2.0
Ferrule: 3.5mm Brown Phenolic
Shaft: 29″ Cynergy Carbon Composite Jump Shaft
Collar: Black with Thick Silver Ring
Joint:  3/8 x 14 Quick-Release
Forearm: Slate-Grey Carbon Composite Jump Handle
Wrap: None
Lengths: 44″ assembled, 47.46″ with weighted extension
Sleeve: None
Bumper: None
Weight Changable: No – 7.75oz assembled, 11oz with weighted extension
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
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