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Cuetec Cynergy CT112NW Truewood – No Wrap


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Designed for high performance, the Cuetec Truewood Pool Cue includes:

Cynergy 15K Carbon Fiber Composite Shaft: Available in 11.8mm or 12.5mm diameters, this shaft offers exceptional consistency, low deflection, and superior playability.
Tiger Sniper Soft Tip: Known for its excellent control and grip, this tip enhances shot precision and overall playability.
¼” White ABS Ferrule: Adds durability and enhances performance.
Thin Black Collar: Provides a sleek transition between the shaft and forearm.
Stainless Steel Plate with Truewood Logo: Adds a professional and durable finish.
Customization and Adjustability
Weight Adjustable: The cue includes the Cuetec Weight Bolt system, allowing players to customize the weight for their preferred balance and feel.
Additional Features
CT Joint Protectors: Included to protect the cue’s joints.
Cuetec Duo Extension Ready Black Rubber Bumper: Designed to be compatible with the Cuetec Duo Extension, allowing for easy length adjustments.
Alternative Version
Inverse Design: For those who prefer the Mappa Burl wood at the wrap area, the Cuetec 95-111NW Pool Cue offers an inverse version, maintaining the same high performance with a different aesthetic focus.
Tip: Tiger Sniper Soft Tip
Ferrule: ¼” white ABS ferrule
Shaft: Player’s choice of 11.8mm or 12.5mm, 29″ 15K Cynergy Carbon Composite Shaft
Collar: Thin black collar
Pin: 3/8×14 (21.30mm Cuetec Joint)
Forearm: Highly figured and richly stained Mappa Burl Wood Veneer with Epoxy Finish
Rings: Silver Truewood Shield Rings with Creme Accent Rings
Wrap: Glossy Black (No Wrap)
Sleeve: Highly figured and richly stained Mappa Burl Wood Veneer with Epoxy Finish
Plate: Stainless Steel with Truewood Logo
Bumper: Cuetec Duo Extension Ready Black Rubber
Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Cuetec Weight Bolt
The Cuetec Truewood Pool Cue combines exceptional aesthetics with top-tier performance features. The use of highly figured and richly stained Mappa Burl wood, protected by a Clear Tec Epoxy Resin Finish, ensures durability while enhancing the cue’s visual appeal. Advanced features like the Cynergy 15K carbon fiber composite shaft and Tiger Sniper soft tip provide superior playability and precision. The option to adjust the weight adds versatility, making this cue suitable for players of all preferences. For those who prefer a different aesthetic focus, the inverse design option, Cuetec 95-111NW, offers the same high performance with Mappa Burl wood at the wrap area.