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Action Adventure ADV114 Spider Cue


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Celebrate the 35,000 known spider species with the Action Adventure 114 pool cue. The white stained Birdseye Maple used on the forearm and sleeve is decorated with black spider and spider web overlays, and a solid black Irish linen wrap breaks up the two sections. The wood-to-wood joint provides the compact, solid hit favored by beginners to advanced level players looking for quality at an affordable price. It has been said that you can find a spider within three feet of you at all times, and this cue stick will remind you of that fact. This cue features original artwork by a Rocky Mountain artist. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all Action cues.


Adventure Pool Cues
Tip: 13mm Layered Boarskin
Ferrule: 1″ Fiber
Shaft: 29″ Hardrock Maple 10-12″ Pro Taper
Collar: Black
Pin: 5/16×18
Piloted: No
Forearm: White stained Birdseye Maple with a Spider and Web overlay
Rings: Silver Rings
Wrap: Black Irish Linen
Sleeve: White stained Birdseye Maple with a Spider and Web overlay
Plate: Black
Bumper: Black rubber
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Weight Adjustable: Yes,


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