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Action ACTSP10 Sneaky Pete Cue


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A helluva lot of the sneaky pete’s on the market these days really aren’t that sneaky. They have a linen wrap or ringwork at the collar or some other feature that totally gives it away. How are you supposed to hustle someone with your sneaky pete when they can tell it’s a fancier cue? Well, Action is here to solve that problem. All of their sneaky pete’s are genuinely sneaky, and this model is no different.

The ACTSP10 is constructed from hardrock maple and features a black handle with four black points jutting into the forearm – and that’s it. This is a no-nonsense pool cue that’s as perfect for hustling in the pool halls as it is for shooting around on your home table.


Action Pool Cues
Tip: 13mm Layered Boarskin
Ferrule: 1″ Fiber Linen
Shaft: 29″ Hardrock Maple with Pro Taper
Collar: None
Pin: 5/16×18
Piloted: No
Forearm: Natural Maple with Black points
Rings: None
Wrap: None, Black Overlay
Sleeve: Black
Plate: Black with Silver Action Logo
Bumper: Black Rubber
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Weight Adjustable: Yes


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