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CueTec Cue Cleaner


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  • If you have a cue with a fiberglass coated shaft (think Cuetec or Scorpion), you simply cannot use abrasives to clean your cue.  That’s why we carry the Cuetec Hi-Tech Cue Cleaner. This cleaner produces a smooth, moisture-resistant surface that protects the cue shaft from chalk penetration and repels dirt and dust.

    Unlike damage that can occur to your expensive wood cue from constant sanding or sticky shafts that can occur from product build-up, Cuetec Hi-Tech Cue Cleaner will help maintain your fiberglass or wood cue shaft like new and provide an ultra-smooth, beautiful finish. Because this product does not contain petrochemicals, silicone oils or waxes, it is safe and effective to use on wood, composite, graphite or fiberglass shafts.


    Cuetec Billiards Accessories
    Size: 1.3 Ounces
    Use: Designed for fiberglass and graphite shafts, also safe for wood shafts