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Kamui Dr.Z’s Shaft Prescription


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Pool players are constantly looking for that quick and easy shaft cleaning set up. From liquids to pads, there are tons of options on the market but Dr. Z’s Shaft Prescription is taking the billiards world by storm. This four in one kit makes cleaning and smoothing your shaft a breeze and with an added small burnishing pad for your tip, you can use this and go and be back on the table in no time flat. This simple kit is super easy to use: wipe your cue shaft a few times with the small rough cleaning cloth then wipe it off with the wool cloth. Repeat the same step with the smoother cloth and wool cloth. Lastly, follow up with the leather burnishing pad if that tip needs a little work. Better yet, the burnishing pad is snapped to the cloths so you can snap the pad on and off with ease! Shipped in a resealable pouch, this shaft maintenance kit is perfect for on the go or at home and comes in a black and pink cloth colors.


Quantity:  1 kit includes: resealable pouch, rougher cleaning cloth, smoother cloth, wool cloth and burnishing pad
Weight:  .75oz
Color:  Black or  pink
Material:  Wool, microfiber cloth, leather and super fine grit cloth




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Cloth Color

Black, Pink