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X5 5″ Forward Extension


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Maybe you’re playing on one of those huge 10ft tables, or maybe you just need a few more inches of reach to make that tricky shot. Either way, the X5 Pool Cue Extension is what you need.

It’s a 5″ extension that’s available in 3/8 x 10, 5/16 x 14, 3/8 x14 (for Scorpion/Cuetec cues), 5/16 x 18, Uniloc and Radial.



Action Billiards Accessories
Length: 5″
Color: Maple with black X5 logo
Pin Size:  3/8 x 10, 5/16 x 14, 3/8 x14 (Scorpion/Cuetec cues), 5/16 x 18, Uniloc and Radial
Use: Extends pool cue length and adds forward weight (roughly 1.8oz weight)



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3/8 x 10 No Collar, 5/16 x 14 No Collar, 5/16 x 18 No Collar, Uni-Loc No Collar, Radial, Cuetec/Scorpion