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Wild Eyes Stealth Cue Holder


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The longer it sits, the better it Stiks! This new portable two cue holder is perfect for any league player. No weights, no clips, no clamps… just peel and stick. The Cue Stik’s unique design creates a suction-like connection to the table, keeping the cue holder and your pool cues safe and secure. Once you’re done, just peel it up, put the backing plate back on and toss it in your bag. Best off all, it weighs about as much as a ‘AA’ battery, so you don’t have to carry around a brick in your cue case. It also holds up to 8 bucks in quarters, ideal for any league player. Available in multiple styles and colors.


PoolDawg Billiards Accessories
Material: Weighted Rubber
Holds: 2 Cues
Color: Black, Blue, Purple, Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Green


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