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Training Billiard Balls

At Billiards N More, we sell training cues and ball sets to help you improve your game. These specially designed sets cover basics like trajectory, pocketing, and spin to more advanced techniques like jump shots and Masse. All of our training billiard balls include an instruction booklet on how to use them. They also feature embedded designs, so they never wear off.

Training Billiard Balls

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Training Billiard Balls

  • Action IPATB Toxic Training Ball

  • Aramith Q-Tru Training Cue Ball (IPQT)

  • McDermott IPJT Jump Training Ball

  • CBPC Aramith Pro Cup Cue Ball

  • Aramith Black Set CBABKP Cue Ball- Blister Pack

  • Aramith Jim Rempe IPREM Training Ball

  • Aramith “Aim by Numbers” Ball