Joint JPJAR Protector Set


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    Worried about dirt and debris getting into your cue joint? If so, you need a good old fashioned joint protector set. With most cues, the protector sets are specific to the pin/joint of each pool cue. This joint protector set goes with the Johnny Archer Wood Series pool cues from Scorpion. If you own one of the JAR cues and are missing your joint protector, snag this up so you keep your joint free of any particles that could cause you some problems. This set will only fit on the Inox Quick Release JAR cues from Scorpion.


    Scorpion Billiards Accessories
    Quantity: 1 full set (one male, one female)
    Size: Male end 1″ Female end 1 ½”
    Total Length: 2 ½”
    Material: Plastic
    Color: Black
    Weight: .055oz
    Models: This set will only fit on the following Johnny Archer Series cues: JAR Series 01-08


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