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Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table


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Introducing the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table, a pinnacle of durability and performance with the option of two distinctive styles: Arcade Style or Charcoal Matrix.

This built-to-last air hockey table is designed for top-of-the-line performance, featuring solid, low-profile, professional-style aluminum rails that offer superior bounce and bankability. The full-size 3-3/16″ diameter puck ensures pro-quality action, while the wear-resistant laminate surface guarantees years of durability for an exceptional playing experience.

Key Features:

  1. Special Wear-Resistant Laminate Top: Engineered for long-lasting durability, the special laminate top withstands the rigors of enthusiastic gameplay.
  2. Electronic Side Scoring Unit: Keep track of the action effortlessly with the electronic side scoring unit, adding a modern touch to the gaming experience.
  3. Modern Design: The Gold Standard Home Pro Elite boasts a contemporary design that enhances any gaming space, from casual home setups to more professional environments.
  4. Centerline and Face-off Circle: Designed for competitive play, the inclusion of a centerline and face-off circle adds to the authenticity and intensity of each match.
  5. Solid, Low-Profile Aluminum Rails: The professional-style aluminum rails contribute to superior bounce and bankability, ensuring a high-performance gaming experience.
  6. 12″ Apron Height: The 12-inch apron height provides a comfortable and functional playing surface for players of all skill levels.
  7. Solid-Core Polymer Legs: Sturdy and reliable, the 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ solid-core polymer legs ensure stability during intense gameplay.
  8. Includes Accessories: The table comes complete with (2) pucks, (2) mallets, warranty registration, and assembly instructions, offering everything needed for a seamless and enjoyable setup.

Designed by Air Hockey Champion Mark Robbins, the Gold Standard Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table delivers competitive play quality in an affordable home table. Elevate your gaming experience with this exceptional combination of durability, performance, and modern design.