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Ace Air Hockey 8ft


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Immerse yourself in high-powered action with our air hockey table featuring an advanced air-flow system that propels the puck with intensity across the super-slick playfield. Light up the room and elevate your gaming experience with the LED scoreboard, LED goal lights, and a puck return that glows with excitement.

Designed for durability, the scuff-resistant playfield ensures a smooth and sleek surface, maintaining its pristine appearance even during intense gameplay. The table stands on sturdy 6-inch solid square legs equipped with leg levelers, guaranteeing an even playing surface for optimal performance.

For a complete gaming package, this table comes with four ergonomic strikers and four pucks, providing everything you need for an exhilarating and visually stunning air hockey experience. Bring the thrill of high-powered action into your space with this feature-packed air hockey table.


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Dive into the excitement of air-powered hockey with our 8-foot table featuring a commercial-grade blower equipped with air chamber channels, ensuring a consistently fast and thrilling gameplay experience. The ultra-dense, solid square 6-inch post legs provide a rock-solid foundation, ensuring a steady playing surface for intense matches.

Stay on top of the action with the electronic push-button scoring system and oversized LED display, adding a high-tech dimension to your gaming experience. Addressing uneven floors, the Surefoot leg levelers maintain table stability, even on challenging surfaces, thanks to their 3-inch round pivoting rubber feet that adapt to varying floor angles.

This comprehensive package includes (4) premium ergonomic strikers and (4) 3 1/4-inch pucks, featuring both red and white variations for a dynamic and competitive game. Elevate your gaming space with this top-of-the-line air-powered hockey table, designed for durability, precision, and hours of thrilling entertainment.