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Balance Rite 15″ Rear Extension


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Compatible with Lucasi and Players Pool Cues this rear extension will give you a extra boost. If you are not interested in purchasing a longer shaft or having to use a bridge with your not so free hand you can purchase one of these rear weighted balance rites. This extension will extend your cue to 11 more inches. Even better you can remove this extension with a few simple twist when it is not in need.

Please note: Fits cues with the Plug Style Bumper only!


Lucasi Billiards Accessories
Size: Extends Pool Cue by 10.5″, 12.5″ total length
Compatability: For use on Lucasi Custom, Lucasi Hybrid, Players, Players Pure X and Players Flirt cues with Plug Style Bumper
Exception: Extension is not compatible with cues listed above having a screw style bumper
Please Note: You must have at least a .5oz weight bolt in your cue for the Extension to screw into