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Valley / Dynamo Pro Style Air Hockey 7ft


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Experience the robustness and time-tested durability of our renowned Dynamo Coin tables without the need for coin operation with the Dynamo Pro Style. This investment in quality ensures years of reliable and enjoyable gameplay. Notably, it is approved for play by the U.S. Air Table Hockey Association, attesting to its superior design and performance standards.

For added convenience, an overhead scoring unit can be included upon request, allowing you to enhance the gaming experience and keep track of the action effortlessly. With the Dynamo Pro Style, you’re making a commitment to exceptional quality and longevity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a top-tier air hockey table for non-coin-operated play.

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  • Table Size
  • 7 foot (93″), 8 foot (101″)
  • Playfield Centerline for Tournament Play: Precision is paramount in tournament play, and the playfield centerline ensures a fair and accurate gaming experience.
  • Non-coated Aluminum Rails: The non-coated aluminum rails are engineered for fast deflection, enhancing the speed and dynamics of each game.
  • Dyna-Blast™ Blower System: Experience powerful and reliable performance with the Dyna-Blast™ blower system, ensuring consistent airflow for smooth puck movement.
  • Impact-Resistant Formica Playing Surface: The playing surface is crafted from impact-resistant Formica, guaranteeing durability and longevity even during intense gameplay.
  • Shared Components for Ease of Service: Common components and electronics shared with other Dynamo tables simplify service and maintenance, reducing the need for stocking multiple parts.
  • Side-Mount LED Scoring (Optional Overhead Lighting): Keep track of the action with side-mount LED scoring or opt for the optional overhead lighting unit with LED scoring for enhanced visibility.
  • One-Man/One-Wrench Leg Levelers: Easily adjust the table’s height with the one-man/one-wrench leg levelers, providing convenience and flexibility during setup.
  • Infrared Optical Jam-Proof Scoring Assembly: The scoring assembly utilizes infrared optical technology, ensuring accurate scoring without jams for a seamless gaming experience.
  • Hinged Heavy-Duty Goal Ends: The goal ends are hinged and heavy-duty, allowing for easy cleanout and maintenance.
  • Sanctioned for Tournament Play: This table is sanctioned for tournament play, meeting the standards required for competitive and professional gaming.
  • ETL and CE Approved: The Dynamo Tournament Air Hockey Table is ETL and CE approved, attesting to its compliance with safety and quality standards.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or hosting a tournament, this air hockey table delivers top-tier features for an exceptional gaming experience.