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Elite 7.5′ LED Air Hockey Table


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Engage in high-powered action with our dynamic air hockey table, featuring a robust 120V motor for maximum air flow that ensures a fast-paced and exhilarating gaming experience. The premium playbed, crafted from a slick high-speed PVC surface, guarantees non-stop, arcade-style play.

Light up your gaming space with a captivating display, as multicolor LED Lumen-X technology illuminates the table while high-tempo music adds to the excitement. The table stands on sturdy legs, measuring 82″ x 41″, providing a reliable foundation for intense matches.

Complete with accessories for an immersive game, this set includes two LED pushers, two round pucks, and a unique hexagonal spinner LED puck. Elevate your gaming zone with this feature-packed air hockey table that combines high-powered action, premium playability, and a visually stunning gaming atmosphere.


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Transform your home into an arcade haven with the Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table, delivering the thrill of classic arcade-style gameplay. Powered by a 120V motor, this table ensures maximum air flow, resulting in consistent and dynamic puck action. The slick 82″ L x 41″ W play surface, crafted from PVC laminated MDF, promises high-speed play for an authentic arcade experience.

Immerse yourself in the excitement of LED Lumen-X technology, which illuminates the table with captivating red, green, and blue multicolor light effects. Accompanied by high-tempo music, the ambiance intensifies, creating a truly immersive gaming atmosphere. The interactive lights change colors with every goal scored, elevating the competition to new heights.

Experience game-changing air hockey with LED accessories, including one red and one blue LED pusher, as well as a red hexagonal LED “spinner” puck that adds challenging and unpredictable rebounds for advanced play. The set also includes one red and one blue round puck for traditional gameplay, providing endless hours of entertainment for family and friends.

Stability is guaranteed with four large legs, creating a solid and sturdy playing surface for premium performance. Don’t miss out on the unparalleled air hockey experience brought to life by the Elite Air Hockey Table.