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Ultra QTUS Skin Layered Cue Tip


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Ultra Skin pool cue tips are designed with players in mind. With multiple density ratings to choose from, you can choose an Ultra Skin tip based on how you play. Got a break shaft that needs a new tip? No problem! Snag the Heavy Hitter density tip, throw some chalk on that tip and run the rack! Wanting a little softer tip? The Ultra Skin Super Soft tips are rated at a 62.2 density rating so cue ball contact will be higher and your english will be much easier to apply.

Try out an Ultra Skin tip today and see how you like it. Each density is color coded and stamped with a glue side for easy installation.


Misc Billiards Accessories
Quantity:  Single
Size: 14mm
Density: Hard (76.6 red stamp)

Heavy Hitter (78.7 blue stamp)

Medium (72.1 silver stamp)

Pro (61.8 white stamp)

Soft (64.8 gold stamp)

Very Soft (62.2 green stamp)

Color:  Black
Material:  9 layer leather