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Stranger Things Pinball Topper by Stern


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Welcome to the eerie realm of the Upside Down with the officially licensed Stranger Things Pinball Topper. Immerse yourself in the world of Demodogs and the menacing Demogorgon as they come to life atop your pinball machine. This captivating topper features a mesmerizing color-changing effect that evolves throughout gameplay, creating an otherworldly and hypnotic ambiance.

Key Features:

Infinity mirror effect that adds depth and intrigue to the topper’s design.
Custom lighting effects that dynamically react to in-game modes, intensifying the gameplay experience.
Attract mode light shows entertain spectators when the game is not in play, setting the stage for excitement.
Players are treated to unique light shows as rewards for completing objectives, scoring jackpots, and more, enhancing the thrill of achievement.
Compatible with Pro, Premium, and LE models, this official Stern topper is a must-have addition for fans of Stranger Things seeking to elevate their pinball experience to new dimensions.