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SKEECH BALL – The Best Table Game In Decades!


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    Knotty Alder Skeech Table with recessed side panels, recessed legs, and your logo or custom name engraved along each side.

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Experience the future of table gaming with the sleek design of the Skeech table, meticulously crafted to save space (8 ft. X 20 in.). This innovative creation offers the versatility of multiple games in one, providing hours of entertainment for players of all ages.

Engage in a thrilling competition by rolling steel balls into differently sized holes located at opposite ends of the table. Score 1 point for large holes, 3 points for medium holes, and 5 points for the lone small hole. The objective is to reach 21 points, but if the opponent ties, brace yourself for sudden-death excitement.

What’s included with your Skeech table purchase? Everything you need for endless fun: the Skeech table itself, 8 steel balls, a ball rack, ball rack holder, score slides, laminated rules sheet, drink holders, assembly instructions, and all the necessary hardware for a seamless setup.

Savor the convenience of finishing a game in just 3 to 5 minutes, whether in a one-on-one showdown or team play. Skeech combines easy playability with addictive high action, making it not only fun to play but also captivating to watch. Embrace the joy of a game that’s perfect for all ages, easy to play, space-saving, and low maintenance. Elevate your entertainment space with the dynamic and exciting world of Skeech!


Introducing The Original Skeech – a captivating and innovative table game designed for head-to-head battles in the comfort of your home. This sleek, one-of-a-kind design not only adds a unique touch to your game room but also requires minimal maintenance, ensuring hassle-free enjoyment.

Skeech brings a fresh and distinctive experience to your entertainment space, offering an equal level of excitement as traditional games like billiards, shuffleboard, ping pong, foosball, or air hockey. What sets it apart is its efficiency – requiring less space and playing in half the time. This simple yet engaging game is accessible to virtually anyone who can roll a ball.

If you’re seeking to rejuvenate your game room, creating moments of joy, laughter, and lasting memories during your entertainment gatherings, The Original Skeech is the perfect solution! Elevate your home entertainment experience with this exciting and dynamic addition.