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Montreal Canadians

Create a game room ready to host the next big Montreal Canadians watch party with sweet hockey swag celebrating your favorite team. Place your beer mugs on the oak barrel table highlighted by the iconic Big C logo.

Dance on the room-size spirit rug. Rack up the balls and line up a shot with your laser-etched billiard cue. And when the show is over, cover your table with a Canadians billiard cloth finished out in sizzling team colors. From lamps to seating, find the perfect item to complete your cave.

Montreal Canadians

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Montreal Canadians

  • Montreal Canadiens Plastic 8-Ball Rack

  • Montreal Canadiens Cue Ball

  • Montreal Canadians laser-etched billiard cue

  • Montreal Canadiens Spirit Rug

  • Montreal Canadiens Oak Barrel Clock

  • Montreal Canadiens Oak Barrel Table

  • Montreal Canadiens 14″ Glass Pub Lamp

  • Montreal Canadiens® Park Bench

  • Montreal Canadiens 21″ Glass Table Lamp

  • Montreal Canadiens® 7 Or 8-Foot Billiard Cloth

  • Montreal Canadiens 40″ Glass Lamp