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New York Giants Logo Cue Ball & 8 Ball


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  • The New York Giants Logo Cue Ball & 8 Ball set is a high-quality addition to any pool enthusiast’s collection, especially for fans of the Giants. Here are the key features of this product:
    • Construction Material: Made from Grade A polyester, ensuring durability and a smooth playing surface.
    • Logos: The team logos are sublimated onto the balls. This process ensures that the logos are embedded into the material, guaranteeing they won’t scratch or wear off over time.
    • Specifications: Both the cue ball and 8 ball are of standard size and regulation weight, making them suitable for official play.
    • Licensing: This product is officially licensed by the NFL, ensuring authenticity and quality.
    • Manufacturing: Proudly made in the USA, reflecting high manufacturing standards.

    With this set, you can enjoy playing pool while showing support for your favorite NFL team. Whether for casual games or competitive play, the New York Giants Logo Cue Ball & 8 Ball set combines functionality with team pride.