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Jurassic Park Premium New In Box!


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Jurassic Park Premium! Top 10 pinball of all time!

With a new original playfield design by award-winning designer Keith Elwin (Iron Maiden) and stunning artwork by Jonathan Bergeron, AKA Johnny Crap (Blink182, Anthrax, Guns N’ Roses), everything from the half-pipe shooter ramp to the incredible playfield and cabinet art is fresh and exciting!

The playfield features a brand new simple yet fun mechanical toy Jungle Explorer Vehicle which spins when its
Newton-ball is hit, a great feature that ties into the game’s ruleset. The aforementioned shooter lane half
pipe steel and wire ramp gets the prehistoric-action-packed game going as soon as you release the plunger by
dropping the ball into the right lane and into the bottom flippers.

All models feature 4 multiball modes, a 3rd flipper for even more action, a right spiral steel and wire ramp
that feeds the upper 3rd flipper, a Spitter Spinning Target and the unforgettable musical score composed by
John Williams.

The crystal clear display features movie-inspired animations from Stern that tie into the bad-to-the-dinosaur-
bone cabinet and playfield art.

Premium models will feature a motorized Raptor pen with an up/down target, a sculpted animated raptor
and target, 4 up-posts (Left return lane, left control room, orbit to divert into pops, raptor pen), awesome
articulated ball-eating T-Rex, model-specific artwork and more!

Premium Features:

  • Jungle Explorer Vehicle – Simple Fun Mechanical Toy
  • Articulating Ball-Eating T-Rex
  • Butyrate and Wire Electronic Fence
  • Motorized Raptor Pen – Up/Down Target
  • Sculpted Animated Raptor and Target
  • Right shooter lane half pipe steel and wire ramp (heliport)
  • Right Spiral steel and wire ramp feeding upper flipper – Pteranodon
  • Left T rex ramp- Merging with: left raptor half pipe steel and wire tower ramp
  • 4 up posts- Left return lane, Left Control room, Orbit to divert into pop bumpers , Raptor Pen
  • Spitter spinning target
  • Spinning helicopter blade target and opto
  • 3 Flippers
  • 3 Pop bumpers
  • 4 Multiballs
  • John Williams musical score