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John Wick Limited Edition Pinball


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Stern John Wick Limited Edition LE Pinball Machine

The Stern John Wick Limited Edition LE Pinball Machine is a collector’s dream, offering an unparalleled pinball experience that captures the essence of the legendary hit-man, John Wick, in his relentless pursuit of revenge and redemption. This exclusive edition is strictly limited to 1,000 units globally, making it a rare and coveted addition to any collection.

Key attractions include Stern Pinball’s innovative dynamic AI game mode system that reacts to player behaviors, offering a fresh experience with each game. Players are immersed in the saga through high-resolution film footage and audio from all four John Wick films, enriched with custom dialogue by Ian McShane and a compelling original soundtrack by Charlie Benante of Anthrax and Pantera.

Unique to this Limited Edition:

  • Each machine is sequentially numbered and features a Limited Edition plate, signifying its exclusivity.
  • The pinball machine includes Speaker Expression Lighting, enhancing gameplay with John Wick-themed effects.
  • A stunning “Stained Glass” inspired mirrored backglass with gold-colored “leading” showcases exclusive illustrated artwork by Randy Martinez.
  • The game is individually autographed by game designer Elliot Eismin, adding a personal touch of authenticity.
  • Pieces of John Wick’s iconic suits, used during the production of the films, are incorporated as franchise artifacts, connecting players more deeply with the cinematic world of John Wick.
  • The Expression Lighting System™ further amplifies the visual drama and excitement during gameplay.

Key Features of the Premium/LE Game:

  • Custom-designed John Wick muscle car bash toy with fast-action motorized drifting effect, which serves as a focal point of the action.
  • Motorized Blood Oath Marker with illuminated reveal feature
  • John Wick’s Weapons Crate sculpted target opens to reveal a hidden shot for weapons retrieval
  • Center ramp diverter feeds pinballs to physical “Deconsecrated” ball lock
  • Access the notorious Red Circle Club via a drop target entrance, where strategic gameplay unfolds.
  • Powder-coated steel bottom archThe machine also features the Insider Connected™ system, enabling players to connect with friends, track game progress, compete in Contracts, and advance their Wick Rank, enriching the social and competitive aspects of the game.

The Stern John Wick Limited Edition LE Pinball Machine not only delivers thrilling gameplay but also serves as a piece of cinematic history, perfect for enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate exclusivity and detailed craftsmanship.