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Guardians Of The Galaxy Pinball Platinum Upgraded


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We are proud to show off our platinum – hands down nicest Guardians of the Galaxy on this planet!

Here are the Platinum upgrades performed by our licensed technicians – Over 100 hours labor and $4000 in upgrades make this one stand out by far

First of all the entire playfield was stripped down and a play field protector was added so the ball never actually touches the wood surface! Thats right no ball has ever rolled on this playfield and never will !!  There is no fading or dimpling which is common from the ball hitting the soft wood – Never going to happen on this baby – This is 80 hours of labor and we normally charge $1800 for this service alone – It is included free!!

Ball eject metal added – also common when the ball ejects into the shooter lane it hips the wood and chips/dents it over time – never going to happen with out protector!

Stock balls removed and replaced with the highest polished chrome balls you have ever seen that will burn your retina out ( Just kidding about burning your eyes out)

Light up interactive speakers and grills in matching guardians purple

Groot Keychain

Coin door Upgrade Graphics

We are Groot light kit to light up back board inside machine

Orb Light kit that makes the orb glow

Trough light kit that glows the out hole and makes it more visible – really pops now

All cheap stock rubbers are replaced with clear Poly urethane bands that will never break!! No rubbers to change ever!

Drop Target Light up kit that makes the drop target glow purple

Guardians light kit behind guardians drop targets that make them glow red

Custom Play Cards

Custom matching blue shooter Knob

Mirror blades inside the cabinet added to reflect everything

Upgraded sound system

Shaker Motor

And last but not least this machine features the MOVIE code – This code is impossible to get and makes the machine play over double the original songs from Stern – Nearly every song and over double the movie clips and scenes that were never secured.  (Also comes with original code in case you for some reason don’t like twice the awesomeness and want it all original)

Whew  , all in all we set out to make the nicest Guardians in existence and the biggest head turner – Mission no doubt accomplished!!

This machine is the talk of our showroom and stunning to say the least


Main features:
Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball features the best of the beloved franchises’ sci-fi, humor and action
Attractions Original score music and other pieces composed by Ken Hale
All models feature striking original hand-drawn art by artist Christopher Franchi
Talking Groot bash toy with motorized jaw locks balls for Multiball action
Orb toy exposes the illuminated Infinity Stone
Drop target with trip coil locks & releases balls to qualify Orb Multiball
8 interactive game play modes
HD video scenes from the original film associated with game play modes
High fidelity sound system
Pro Game Features:
Groot bash toy with motorized jaw
Groot 4 ball lock mechanism
Rocket figurine (static)
Orb toy (static) in open position with illuminated Infinity stone
Drop target with trip coil virtual ball lock
One playfield magnet in the middle of the playfield to divert balls and create multiball chaos
Guardians of the Galaxy bar target
2 Control gate divert mechanisms at top lanes
3 Pop Bumper
5 Hadron Enforcer & 2 Groot stand-up targets
2 Flippers
Two high-speed ramps that extend through the backpanel
4 Flashing LED ramp mini mars domes
Ball scoop kickback
Illuminated vertical feature-billboard

Backglass and Art:
Pro model exclusive theme Full Color High Definition decal material cabinet art
Pro model original themed translite
All models feature hand-drawn plastics art
All models feature exclusive art by Christopher Franchi

Hardware and Trim:
Snap-Latch front molding
and Trim RGB LED Hadron Enforcer (smart button) on front molding
Traditional playfield rod supports
Powder-coated steel and wood backbox with color themed T-molding
Powder-coated black wrinkle finish legs, side armor, hinges, and front lockdown molding

Shot arrow RGB LED lighting
RGB LED lockdown molding Hadron Enforcer (Smart Button)

General illumination LED lighting (red, white, blue)
General illumination LED lighting (white)
SPIKE-2 electronic system with switching power supply
Stereo High-Fidelity sound system with 3 channel amplified
Separate treble and bass adjustment
CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification
6 Balls
Ball shooter with auto launch feature
Traditional Coin Door
Modular computer style cord