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Godfather LE Limited Edition


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Metallic Black Armor & Legs
Furious Floyd Caporegime head
High quality gloss decals
Michael Corleone central Playfield image
Individually Numbered Limited Edition Plaque
Limited to 5,000 units
Performances by Slash and Mark Tremonti of Speak Softly Love
Moving, Shooting, Beat-em-up articulating Caporegime sculpted interactive toy
Player-Controllable Spinning Disk Take-Down amplifier toy
Dual Bi-directional shooting Main Steel Ramps
Laser-Etched & Enameled Steel Cityscape Upper Loop Ramp
Bi-Directional ball travel Lift Ramp
3 Ball Lock-up Mechanism with direct feeds to all 3 Flippers
Controllable 3-shot-entrance Subway System
Glory Bumper™ Illuminable Multimaterial Fountain Sculpture
3 unique Ball-Locking Playfield features
Active Newton-ball Compound Area
Don Vito Corleone sculpted bust
2 Playfield Multiplier Weapon-Boosting Spinners
3 Arc Beacon™ Flashers
29 unique controllable ball paths
2 Regular, 10 Super, 1 Hidden Skill Shots
1 Exposed-core Playfield Magnet
Lhai scampata right outlane Ball-save feature
450+ Individually controllable Playfield RGB LEDs
Toolless Moveable/Removeable Magnetic Rule and Pricing Cards
High risk/high reward Action Button feature
Hotrail-Integrated Caporegime Health Meter
JJP RGB LED Hotrails, Shaker Motor, Invisiglass,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, High Score Camera, Backglass lighting