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Gilligan’s Island Pinball (Sold)


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Talk about an extremely hard to find title , this one is home use only and never been in an arcade as is evident! . Gilligans island is a great game and getting impossible to find for the simple reason that rarely does anybody sell this fantastic and iconic game. This one is in fantastic condition , the play field is the nicest we have ever seen and still shines like new with little to no sign of use! The cabinet colors are bright with no signs iof wear from peoples hands near the flipper buttons and only minor bumps n bruises in the head! Machine past our 30 point inspection so it plays like it did back in the day. So much to love about this one from the iconic theme song to all the characters voices from the original show. A challenging and timeless pinball that will forever go up in value!

We added the highest end LED Lighting to this one , all new rubbers and A full color Display instead of the boring orange stock as well as light up flipper buttons!


Dont Miss this one as we dont see them often!


Game Facts Below:

Gilligan’s Island pinball machine was manufactured by Midway (produced under the Bally name) and was released in May 1991. It is based on the television series of the same name and the first Williams WPC machine that was released with a high resolution (128×32) dot matrix display (the first DMD as used in Checkpoint by Data East and released three months earlier only featured 128×16).

Game Features:

Multiball, Lane Change, Kick Back Lane, Ramp(s), Cellar Holes, Voices and music from the original TV show!