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Dynamo Pro Style 7′ Air Hockey Table With Overhead Light


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Non-coin model for home or recreational use

Dimensions fully assembled with overhead scroer: 99.5″ L x 56″ W x 71″ H, Weight: 485 lbs

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Presenting the Dynamo Pro Style 8 Air Hockey Table with Overhead Scoring—an expertly crafted table designed by professionals and unconditionally approved for play by the U.S. Air Table Hockey Association.

Key Features:

  1. Electronic Overhead Scorekeeper: The table features an electronic scorekeeper with an overhead LED display, providing clear and accurate scoring information for an immersive gaming experience.
  2. Heavy-Duty Polystyrene Legs: The robust polystyrene legs are equipped with easy-leveling bases, allowing for simple adjustments to ensure a level playing surface.
  3. Inclined Sides for Player Comfort: The inclined sides of the table are designed to enhance player comfort, promoting a more enjoyable and ergonomic gaming experience.
  4. Patented Dyna-Blast Blower System: The patented Dyna-Blast blower system delivers fast and non-stop action, ensuring an exhilarating and dynamic gameplay environment.
  5. Regulation-Size Playing Surface: The table features a regulation-size playing surface, meeting the standards for competitive and tournament-level play.
  6. Commercial-Quality Cabinet Construction: Built with commercial-quality cabinet construction, this table is designed for home play but offers the durability and reliability associated with commercial-grade tables.
  7. Tournament-Tested Rails: The rails of the table are tournament-tested, ensuring accuracy and reliability in gameplay, meeting the high standards expected in competitive settings.

Designed with precision and durability in mind, the Dynamo Pro Style 8 Air Hockey Table brings the excitement of professional-level play to your home. Whether for casual games or serious tournaments, this table is a perfect addition to any game room, combining performance and quality.