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Crosley CR1213A-OA Vinyl Bubbler Full Size Jukebox with Bluetooth and Percolating Bubble Tubes – Holds 70 45-RPM Vinyl Records


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  • Full Size Jukebox
  • Hand-built in the UK 70 x 7″ vinyl record rotating jukebox mechanism (140 Selection rotating title strip display – A/B Sides); Plays both “small” and “large” hole 45 RPM format records
  • Bluetooth receiver allows you to stream your music wirelessly to the built-in speakers (2x Tweeter and 2x Mid-Range; 12″ Twin Cone Subwoofer); D4 Digital Amplifier: 4 Channels, 240 Watts, 60 Watts per Channel
  • Infrared remote control included for volume, bass, treble and mid-range tone control
  • Auxiliary input, auxiliary output, microphone input
  • Authentic design with back-lit bubble tubes wood formed cabinet with chromed accents, aluminum decorative fittings and speaker grill; Fitted with a coin mechanism which may be adjusted for “free” or “coin” play


The Crosley Full Size Bubbler is the pinnacle of golden-era jukebox design and craftsmanship. Boasting a stance which replicates the most famous jukebox designs of the 1940s in its classic lines, the Full Size Bubbler is sculpted with authentic styling, modern features and hand-crafted wooden cabinetry. Each US-version of the Full Size Bubbler comes standard with the LED Diamond Pack lighting to produce a perfect warm glow in any room. The LEDs showcase the front mounted bubble tubes to set the mood for any musical genre. Equipped with the world’s time-proven 45RPM vinyl mechanism capable of holding up to 70 records and playing both “A” and “B” sides for a total of 140 selections. With the ability to play both “large hole” and “small hole” formats on any 7 inch 45RPM vinyl record, the rotating mechanism is a mechanical wonder. Its Bluetooth receiver connects this jukebox to any portable Bluetooth device, giving you an unlimited playlist at your fingertips. With a style which is reminiscent of the 1940’s combined with today’s audio and electronic performance the Full Size Bubbler is our finest golden-era machine. Each jukebox comes equipped with a 240-Watt Digital D4 custom-built amplifier which supplies 60 Watts per channel through a 12-inch subwoofer, two midrange cone speakers and two tweeters. If that isn’t enough for your mancave, game room or home theatre, connect a pair of external speakers to fill virtually any room with a sound you’ll need to hear to believe. Connect a microphone to sing along with your favorites artists and become the life of party. Music is selected on the front of the machine or via the infra-red remote control that also controls the volume, shuffle play and lighting mode. The Crosley Full Size Bubbler is mechanical and technological tour-de-force. Please note that each Full Size Bubbler comes equipped with a coin mechanism which allows free-play or pay options.