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Cleveland Browns Fan’s Choice Dartboard Set


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The Fan’s Choice Cleveland Browns Bristle Dartboard Cabinet is the perfect addition to any fan cave or game room. Here’s why it’s a must-have for Browns fans:

Premium Tournament-Sized Dartboard: This dartboard cabinet includes a premium 18-inch tournament-sized self-healing bristle dartboard. The self-healing bristle material ensures that the dartboard lasts longer, as the holes close up after each dart is removed. You can enjoy countless games without worrying about excessive wear and tear.

High-Quality Construction: The cabinet features strong metal-reinforced corners, ensuring durability and stability. It’s built to withstand rigorous gameplay and will remain in excellent condition for years to come.

Complete Dart Set: The cabinet comes with six precision-machined 23gm nickel-plated steel darts with durable aluminum shafts. These high-quality darts ensure accurate throws and provide a satisfying playing experience. The full standard-shaped flights enhance the darts’ stability in flight, improving your accuracy on the dartboard.

Convenient Features: The cabinet includes a dry erase scoreboard with a marker pen, allowing you to easily keep track of scores during games. The quality spring-loaded hinges ensure smooth opening and closing of the cabinet doors, while also providing stability during gameplay.

Officially Licensed: Licensed by the NFL, this dartboard cabinet proudly displays the Cleveland Browns logo, making it the perfect addition to any Browns fan’s collection.

With its premium features and official team branding, the Fan’s Choice Cleveland Browns Bristle Dartboard Cabinet is sure to provide hours of entertainment for you, your family, and your friends.