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6 Million Dollar Man – Restored!


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Take a very nice playfield original machine , then we stripped the cabinet down and sanded and repainted it to perfection! New Glass , New Plastics – LED Lighting and top it off with all new Circuit boards – This is 2024 technology folks – for a reliable and solid classic machine with all new and reliable circuit boards – It doesn’t get any better than this! Look at the photos and judge for yourself – The all time classic only better , its like being stuck in a time capsule! Don’t Miss this beauty and collectible piece and a great price as well.


Bally’s Six Million Dollar Man is themed upon the American science fiction television series of the same name, which ran on the ABC network for five seasons between 1973 and 1978. The show’s eponymous character, the “Bionic Man” Col. Steve Austin, is featured prominently on the backglass. The game can accommodate up to six-players at a time—the first solid state game to do so. The game features two (ever-popular) Bally spinners, a bank of drop targets, a pop-up “Play-More” post, an outlane diverter gate, a kick-out hole and a 50,000 point bonus collected through stand-up targets and rollovers. The Dave Christensen art package features some of the common themes found within his oeuvre: eagles, lightning bolts and muscular bodies set amongst a red, white and blue patriotic motif.