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Putt Championship Edition Miniature Golf Video Arcade Machine – Non-Coin / Free Play Model –
The Putt Championship Edition Free Play Model is the
first video arcade mini golf game to use a real putter
and golf ball, and three nine hole courses equals 27
holes of challenging and competitive miniature golf play !

The new Putt! Championship Golf cabinet comes with a highly reliable LCD Monitor that gives players a crystal clear and breath-taking view of highly detailed golf holes.

Putt Championship Edition Golf features eighteen hyper-realistic miniature golf courses for 1 to 4 player action,
which encourages friendly competition between friends and families of all ages. Secret, hidden “short cuts” are
placed throughout the game to add to player excitement and designed to help improve players’ scores and play!

Putt! will be loved by players of all ages, and with its compact footprint (slightly larger that a pinball machine)
makes it a game that you can put in a variety of different places from homes, clubs, offices, factories and waiting rooms to dorms, colleges and many other locations !



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