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Percy 8 Ft Pool Table


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The Percy sounds like a stunning addition to any game room! Its blend of mid-century modern design with solid acrylic legs is sure to catch the eye, while the attention to detail with the inlaid black round sights on the wide top rail adds an extra touch of sophistication.

And of course, the focus on quality and playability is evident with features like the 3-piece Brazilian slate playfield, K66 cushions, and hardwood frame. Plus, knowing it comes with an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty gives peace of mind for years of enjoyment. It’s not just a beautiful piece, but a table built to stand the test of time and provide countless hours of fun and entertainment.


The Percy billiard table comes in two sizes to suit different spaces:

  • The 7-foot option measures 92.25″ x 53.25″ x 31.25″ and weighs 625 lbs when assembled.
  • The 8-foot option is slightly larger at 102.25″ x 58.25″ x 31.25″ and weighs 760 lbs once assembled.

There are multiple finishes available to match your decor preferences. Additionally, the table offers a choice of leg options, including Lucite See Through Round Angled Mid-Century Modern legs, which adds a unique touch to its design.

In terms of construction, the Percy features a sturdy 1.25″ solid wood cabinet held together by high torque t-nut fasteners, ensuring durability and stability during gameplay.

The rail sights are adorned with diamond pearl inlays, adding a touch of elegance to the table’s appearance. The pockets are made of leather drop for both style and functionality.

And finally, the playfield consists of a 3-piece 1″ backed Brazilian slate, providing a smooth and level surface for optimal gameplay. Overall, the Percy offers a combination of style, quality, and playability that makes it a standout choice for any game room.