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AR1063 Aramith Restorer Ball Care

$11.93 $9.10

Remove the very hard spots with the Aramith Ball Restorer. This Liquid has been developed by Saluc, the best Belgian billiards balls manufacturer.

  • Specially made for the repolishing of phenolic balls that have accumulated a lot of chalk, dust and hand grease
  • Aramith ball cleaning agent will not affect their unique features, as opposed to other agents
  • Achieve the ultimate shine on balls when used with the with the Aramith ball cleaner (TPABC) and the Aramith cloth (TPAMFC) each sold separately
  • Exclusive product designed for professional billiard ball maintenance
  • Available as Single Bottle or Case of 12
  • Cleaner and polisher for cue and object balls
  • Specially made for phenolic balls.
  • 8.4 fl. oz.


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