Are you wondering how to care for your new billiards equipment that was just installed by Billiards N’ More? Pool table maintenance is not complicated, but you do need to be consistent in cleaning up after every game night to protect its beauty and performance. We’ve provided all the basics in this quick reference guide, including what you might need to buy to get started.

Top 5 Pool Table Care Tools & Supplies

When you purchase your new billiard table, make sure to stock up on all these cleaning supplies at the same time. This way, you’ll be prepared to start caring for your new table after finishing the first game.

Care For Pool Table Felt To Ensure The Best Gameplay

The surface of your pool table is covered in premium felt. Felt features tiny fibers that can be bent in a manner that can cause the balls to roll in unexpected directions. To ensure your gameplay remains undisturbed by an uneven felt surface, make sure to care for it properly.

How To Clean Your Felt Pool Table Surface

Use a low-powered vacuum to remove as much chalk and dust from the felt as possible. Next, use the table brush by applying consistent but light pressure and brush in a straight line—this ensures uniform travel for your balls. Cover the felt between games to prevent any dust from marring the surface.

Wash Pool Balls After Every Game For Clean Surfaces

When you chalk up your cue, the stick then transfers the chalk to the balls and then to the felted surface. We recommend running your game balls through your automatic ball cleaner or using a certified billiard ball cleaning solution after every play session. This reduces the amount of dust introduced into the felt.

Polish Rails & Pockets To Remove Grease & Grime

The wood rails of your billiard table will collect dust, grease from your fingers, and other types of dirt left by enthusiastic players. While avoiding getting the cleaning solution on the felt, use a mild wood soap or cleaner recommended for fine furniture to maintain its shine and reduce the possibility of cracks and splinters. Since most billiard pockets are crafted from leather, apply a leather conditioner after polishing the wood to maintain the pocket’s supple feeling and extend its lifespan.

Call Us For Professional Help As Soon As You Notice A Problem

If you ever notice that your balls are not rolling true due to the table losing its level, or your felt feels loose, Billiards N’ More can help. We offer comprehensive services from installation to leveling to entirely replacing the felt—and we can service your table right in your home. Call us today to restore your pool table to its former glory—and benefit from further guidance on caring for it long into the future.