If you’re tired of spending money playing billiards in bars, arcades, and public game rooms, consider adding your own deluxe game room with a pool table to your home. Billiards N More in Las Vegas carries several styles and sizes of tables for your billiards room.

Essential Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Pool Table

First, make sure you thoroughly measure the room before choosing the correct size. For a professional, full-size game, you’ll need a game room with at least 4 feet of space on each of the four sides—and that’s just for room to play. If you’d like additional furniture, you’ll need either a larger room or a smaller table.

  • Think About Budget: Consider your budget ahead of time, whether you’re looking for a budget model or an heirloom investment piece.
  • Consider Quality Materials: Make sure you purchase a slate pool table with quality felt.
  • Match Style To Your Taste: You can choose from many styles based on your preferences and décor—from modern to classic, with a ball return, pockets, or various felt colors.

Must-Have Accessories For Your Billiards Game

You need more than just a pool table to play billiards—you’ll need the right accessories to go with it. Some accessories help maintain your table’s condition, while others are instrumental components of play and can be customized to reflect your style.

Setting Up Your Pool Table To Get The Best Gameplay

Professional help is recommended for set-up to ensure it’s level—the slate could weigh 450 or more pounds, while the whole game could weigh over 1,000! If you decide to set it up yourself, you will need at least one other person to help you and at least four hours or more.

  • Enlist professionals, or at the very least, another person to help you.
  • Give yourself 4-5 hours for set-up at minimum.
  • Always ensure you have the tools required to set it up before you start.
  • Choose a room with a level floor and set it up at least 4 feet from any wall or other objects in the room.

Tips On Caring For Your Pool Table & Accessories To Ensure Longevity

Once your billiards room is set up, you’ll have to perform regular maintenance to keep your billiards table, balls, and other accessories in good condition. You can make them last for many years by following the tips below.

  • Keep the table covered when not in use to prevent dust from accumulating on the felt.
  • Store the balls in a ball tray or the rack on the table.
  • Place cues in a cue rack to keep them from warping.
  • Maintain the room’s humidity levels as low as possible—high humidity can warp the whole slate.

Let Us Help You Plan Your Dream Billiards Room Today 

Billiards N More carries several styles and sizes of pool tables and accessories, including competition tables, cues, billiard balls, and more to set up your game room. When you’re ready to purchase a pool table or additional accessories to set up your very own game room, visit Billiards N More in Las Vegas.