A restored arcade game.At Billiards N’ More, where the past meets the present most delightfully. If you’re a fan of pool, pinball, or classic arcade games, you’ve probably dreamed of owning a beautifully restored piece of gaming history.

That’s where we come in. Specializing in the art of restoration, we bring new life to pool tables, pinball machines, and arcade games, transforming them into stunning pieces that evoke nostalgia and create new memories.

The Art of Restoration: Pool Tables & Arcade Machines

Restoration is more than a process; it’s an art. At Billiards N’ More, we pride ourselves on our ability to turn the old and worn into the vintage and vogue. Our team of skilled artisans specializes in various types of machines and tables, including pinball machines, multi-arcade video games, and even the classic foosball table. We carefully assess each item, considering its history, design, and the joy it can bring to its new owner.

Is Restoration A Possibility?

Do you have an old arcade game or pool table that you aren’t sure is worth repairing? Sometimes restoring vintage gaming equipment isn’t an option, but if your machine meets this criteria, you should consider having it restored.

  • Structural Integrity: The backbone of any good restoration. We ensure that each pool table or arcade machine has a solid foundation before any cosmetic work begins. This involves checking for sturdiness and durability to guarantee long-term enjoyment.
  • No Previous Infestations: Cleanliness is key. Our experts meticulously inspect each item for signs of pests or infestation to ensure that your new game room addition is as pristine as it is fun.
  • Aesthetic Potential: We look beyond the wear and tear to see the potential. Each item we restore isn’t just refurbished — it’s transformed into a visually appealing centerpiece for any room.

Why Your Arcade Games & Pool Tables May Need To Be Restored

Arcade games and pool tables are more than just pieces of entertainment. They’re nostalgic symbols and central pieces in game rooms.

With time and use, they show signs of wear and tear, diminishing their function and appeal. Understanding why your cherished arcade games and pool tables may need restoration can help you preserve these treasures for many more years of enjoyment.

  • Age & Wear: Over time, regular use leads to wear and tear, affecting both appearance and functionality.
  • Environmental Factors: Humidity, temperature changes, and sunlight exposure can damage wood, felt, and electronic components.
  • Updated Technology & Features: Incorporating the latest gaming technologies and features to enhance the user experience.
  • Safety & Compliance: Ensuring that older equipment meets current safety standards and regulations.
  • Aesthetic Appeal & Value: Restoring games improves their look and can increase their value, especially for collectibles.
  • Sentimental Reasons: Preserving memories and the nostalgic value associated with these timeless entertainment pieces.

What Kind of Games Can Be Restored?

At Billiards N’ More, our restoration services encompass a wide range of games, each with its unique charm and history. Here’s a look at the variety of games we can breathe new life into:

  • Pool Tables: From classic to modern designs, all types of pool tables can be restored. This includes re-felting, repairing wooden frames, leveling, and refurbishing pockets and rails.
  • Pinball Machines: These timeless favorites often need mechanical repairs, cosmetic touch-ups, and electronic updates to bring them back to their full glory.
  • Arcade Video Games: From the retro to more recent models, arcade video games can be restored with screen repairs, control panel fixes, and internal electronic servicing.
  • Foosball Tables: Often requiring new playing surfaces, repair or replacement of the figures, and general mechanical maintenance.
  • Air Hockey Tables: These can be refurbished with new surfaces, goals, and paddles, along with checking and fixing the air blowers.
  • Skee-Ball & Bowling Machines: Including restoration of the lane, electronic scoring systems, and aesthetic improvements.
  • Dart Boards: Repairing electronic dart boards or refurbishing traditional cork boards and their enclosures.
  • Jukeboxes: Especially vintage ones, can be restored to working condition with sound system repairs and aesthetic refurbishments.
  • Bumper Pool Tables: Involves felt replacement, repairing or replacing bumpers, and ensuring smooth gameplay mechanics.
  • Shuffleboard Tables: Restoring playing surfaces and refinishing wood components to enhance appearance and functionality.

In each restoration project, we aim to maintain the original spirit and design of the game while updating it for current playability and safety standards. Whether it’s a beloved family heirloom or a recent acquisition, our team at Billiards N’ More is skilled in bringing these games back to life, ensuring they can be enjoyed for many more years to come.

Why Choose Billiards N’ More?

At Billiards N’ More, we’re not just restorers. We’re custodians of gaming history. Whether it’s restoring pool tables or refurbishing arcade equipment, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every piece we restore. Preserving classic games and tables is more than a business for us — it’s a passion. We believe in the power of these timeless pieces to bring joy and add character to any space. And if your beloved table or arcade game just needs a repair for an issue?  We can do that too.

Ready to restore a beloved game table or interested in adding a piece of refurbished history to your collection? Contact Billiards N’ More today. Let us bring your gaming dreams to life.