Have you got a spare room in your house? Why not transform it into a game room? Our team has helped gamers of all types furnish an ultimate hang-out space, from pool and card sharps to board game collectors and arcade enthusiasts. These are our top five tips that every homeowner should remember when creating a game room.

  1. Design Around Your Favorite Activities
  2. Leverage Light & Mirrors In Small Spaces
  3. Invest In Multi-Use Furniture
  4. Recycle & Repurpose To Stay Within Budget
  5. Add Softness To Create A Cozy Room

Build Your Game Room Around Your Favorite Games

The best game room designs revolve around the kinds of games you love to play. For example, a family may want a pinball and skee ball machine, a table for board games, and a flat-screen TV for movies and video games. Once you’ve nailed down what you want to do in your rec room, you can work out the rest of what it needs. The same family may wish to include an entertainment center to house the TV, speakers, and video game consoles.

Key Elements To Add To Your Dream Recreation Space

Built-in shelving is an excellent way to show off your DVD and board game collections. Shelves can also elegantly store the extra things you need: video game controllers, extra pinballs and skee balls, etc. Bars are another popular addition since they keep snacks and drinks handy. Add a row of bar stools, and you’ll have additional seating for guests and spectators.

Open Up Small Spaces With Mirrors & Light

Hanging mirrors is one of the easiest ways to make a room look bigger. Installing a wall of mirrors will visually double the size of a room. Another way to open up small rec rooms is to let in as much natural light as you can. Glass doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and skylights are elements you can use to brighten up any small space.

Use Versatile Furniture To Create A Versatile Game Room

Invest in multipurpose furniture to get the most out of your game room (and budget). More and more pool tables come with hard covers that convert them into standard dining tables. Now, you can use one table to play pool, poker and serve pizza. Convertible tables like these are a fantastic way to pack lots of fun into a small space.

Thrift, Recycle, & Get Creative To Save Money

Thrifting tables, couches, and chairs is a sure method for saving money in your budget for more significant items. Secondhand vintage trunks make excellent storage. Let storage double as decor by mounting a pool cue holder and hooks for ping pong paddles onto the wall. If you’ve got an old board game with missing pieces, frame the board and hang it on the wall as fun wall art.

Softness = Coziness

A cozy room is a comfortable room, and soft lighting and surfaces help people feel comfortable and welcome. Choose a soft spectator chair like a sofa, recliner, or cushioned bar stool. A large rug can bring the whole place together, or use many smaller rugs to define the areas of your multipurpose media room. Soft lighting can create the perfect cozy ambiance, while plenty of accent and task lights will help everyone see what’s happening.

Browse Our Catalog Today & Build Your Dream Game Room

Game rooms take many forms, from an adults-only lounge for pool and poker to multifunctional media rooms the whole family can enjoy. No matter what it looks like, a rec room should be a space custom fit to the hobbies you love. Billiards N More has games, accessories, and furniture to complete your game room. Browse our catalog and place your first order today.